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Youth League Bowling

Our Youth Bowling leagues entertain children from ages 4 – 19.  They bowl in a friendly, easy paced league which has it’s main emphasis on fun and an opportunity to compete with friends.  During the year the program offers fun events like Bowl your Buddy, Beat your coach, Beat your Parent, Halloween party and a Christmas Party with Cosmic Bowling!

The league allows friends to bowl with and against each other and provides an opportunity to learn the sport and improve to hopefully participate in a National Championship, if so desired.  We also offer additional coaching, which is voluntary to participate in, in other time slots for the bowlers hoping to improve.

Pee Wees are children aged 4 & 5 and bowl Thursday nights from 6:15-8:15pm and bowl 1 or 2 games.  Bantams are aged 6-10 and bowl Thursday nights from 6:15-8:15pm, bowling 3 games.  Juniors are aged 11-14 and Seniors are aged 15-19 and bowl Wednesday evening from 6:15-8:15pm also bowling 3 games.

The children are put into teams and compete against the other teams in the league using the handicap system.  There are awards for goals achieved during the bowling season (ie. 125 Single, 150 Single, etc).  The most important thing about this league is to have fun.  If your child has a friend that wants to join, we can accommodate and put them on the same team.

Please email $65 registration fee to:

What is a Handicap System and how does it work?

For example, a league uses a 100% handicap based on a 225 average.  If Bob’s average is 150 (225-150=75 X 100% = 75), Bob’s handicap is 75.  If Jim’s average is 200, (225-200=25 X 100% = 25), Jim’s handicap is 25.  If Bob and Jim both bowl their average, their handicapped scores would be Bob 225 and Jim 225.  This way no one has an unfair advantage, regardless of their skill level.  If Jim bowls 10 pins above his average (a 210 score), it gives Jim a 235 handicapped score.  If in the same game, Bob throws 25 pins above his average (a 175 score), his handicapped score would be 250 and he would win the point over Jim.  For leagues using less than 100% handicap, the handicap would be less, giving a slight advantage to the better bowler.  If Bob bowled in an 80% handicapped league, his handicap would be 60 (225-150=75 X 80% = 60).

Registration takes place the second Saturday in September and bowling starts the third week in September and ends the last week in April.  The registration includes a nominal fee and in return bowlers receive the badges and a monthly free game.

Bowling fees payable on a weekly basis.  Fees includes bowling & taxes.  Shoe rental is $1 per week.

YBC AGE DIVISIONS (Ages at Dec. 31st):

Pee Wee (Ages 4 & 5) Bowl 2 Games – $9.00 – Thursdays at 6:15pm
Bantams (Ages 6 – 10) Bowl 3 Games – $11.00 – Thursdays at 6:15pm
Juniors (Ages 11 – 14) Bowl 3 Games – $11.00 – Wednesday at 6:15pm
Seniors (Ages 15 – 19) Bowl 3 Games – $11.00 – Wednesday at 6:15pm

* All Youth Bowling Prices Include Tax